This is a collection of most of my short stories in one volume.

Many of these short stories have been released as individual short stories, (see individual short stories below) and several have been previously published in various magazines or e-zines.




What happens when Staid Ontario joins the United States? What happens to Toronto when guns flood north? This is the story of one man and his struggle to cope with a new reality. This short story first appeared in the Fall 1999 edition of PERIDOT.

 The mysterious ship came from the stars. Invulnerable to human weapons, the metal creatures swarmed across Africa. Could anything stop them? Could Earth be saved? This story first appeared in the September 2001 edition of ALTERNATE REALITIES.

 Wealthy humans travel to the Cretaceous Age, only to meet a primitive mammal that manages to shut down the electronic defenses. This is the story of what happens when dinosaurs first meet humans.

 This short story is the reciprocal of The Hunters. Carnivorous dinosaurs find time-travelling humans whose electronic defenses are inadvertently shut down. This is the story of what happens - from the dinosaurs' point-of-view. This short story was first published in SPACEWAY magazine in February of 2000.

 Does hell exist? What is purgatory? Can one man’s hell be another man’s heaven? Here is one man’s experience. This story was first published in the Spring 2004 edition of Gateway.

 In this short story, alien monsters come from outer space. Man fights a magnificent fight, but the aliens use the greatest weapons of all against man - other men!

 Our hero from a post-apocalyptic age manages to overcome City's defenses, and see altogether more than he is supposed to. Only the intervention of a beautiful woman saves his life.

 How can a small band of alien rebels take on the galaxy's greatest military power and win? This story introduces Timm Bruce, a Terran who betrays his own kind for the love of an alien princess.